Baker Playground

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Baker Field Playground

A charming little playground in the heart of Noroton Heights, the Baker Park playground is easily accessible by car and/or stroller as there are sidewalks leading up to the park from both sides of Noroton Avenue.

There is a chain link fence separating the playground from the street, although the playground is NOT closed in.  This means that the little ones can’t just run from the slide, for example, right out into the street, which is nice.  However, they CAN run from the slide towards the parking lot and then out in the street in the blink of an eye … so you of course will always need to watch them.

The playground is lightly covered with woodchips as well as a mixture of sandy dirt and leaves: so shoes that tie would be a good bet here.

As you can see from the pictures, the playgym is clean and in very nice condition, offering 2 slides (a high one and lower/slower one with a half cover), a variety of landing areas, one with a steering wheel, funky circular monkey bars, a kind of cool plastic “rock formation” that you can climb on … and the gym is topped by the smiling face of a dinosaur.

Baker Park also offers a huge field and baseball diamond that are frequently used for soccer and softball games, etc.   It is located just past the highway bridge and/or Exit 10, on Noroton Avenue.

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