The Motherlode of All Playgrounds: Cherry Lawn Park

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As you drive in to the parking lot at Cherry Lawn Park, watch out for little ones darting in and out from between the parked cars — this playground has EVERYTHING, for kids of ALL ages — including a nice clean public restroom.

Set against the backdrop of sprawling green lawns, tennis courts, a massive garden and a serene pond with gazebo, the Cherry Lawn Park playground offers 2 — yes, TWO — complete playgrounds as well as a basketball court.

There is a toddler playground, filled with sand and safely enclosed by a security fence, which offers a smaller-scale playgym (the slides are lower and everything is miniturized) as well as little play houses and other formations for stepping in and out of and climbing on safely.  There is also a toddler swingset with plenty of safety swings (which we know can distract even the most rambunctious toddler for at least 15 minutes)!

For the older kids, there is an enormous larger-scale playgym just beyond the toddler park that includes swirly slides, monkey bars, bouncy bridges, tire swings and more.

So even if you don’t live near Royle or Ox Ridge schools, and are looking for a fun way to spend some QT with the kids, or maybe meet other moms to enjoy a little adult conversation, or want to give your babysitter some ideas for ways to entertain the kids, definitely pack a picnic lunch and head over to Cherry Lawn for hours of fun on the playgrounds and beyond (the Darien Nature Center is also located here).

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