Darien, (Beyond) The Basics

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You know, one of my goals when creating this site was to try to go beyond the basic, dry demographic and psychographic run-of-the-mill stats and information about Darien.  I wanted to add some context and color and personality to it all.

I was tired of New Canaan and Greenwich getting 6 pages each in the “why to live in” booklet, and Darien only getting half a page.  I don’t believe it’s because Darien doesn’t also have 6 pages worth of value to offer someone considering moving here, I just think that writers of those kinds of articles don’t have anything informational to work with.  And I believe downtown Darien is already a “destination” shopping area, it’s just not marketed well to the rest of Fairfield County as such.

Now, there’s probably something to be said for laying low, so to speak, as a town: it keeps things feeling small, and private, and exclusive … and I’m certainly not thinking that this little website is going to create mass migration from other towns into Darien.

All I’m trying to do is take the basics, like the (very comprehensive) information available on Wikipedia, and color them in with some collective personality and pride in our community.

And here’s how you can help: if you live in Darien, take the Insider Survey.  This is the tool I am hoping to use to capture some of the intangible elements of what makes us … Darien.  It’s brief, it’s kind of entertaining, and when I have enough responses I will be publishing the results for us all to see.

Even if you don’t take the survey, any comments you make or other participation on the site helps to add to the overall context.  And if you are not a Darien resident and have found this site useful or wishing it had more information on a certain topic, please email me and let me know!

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