Madison Avenue-like Wellness Clinic, Here in Darien

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A former resident of Manhattan for 9 years, I have always heard about these seemingly magical, “when all else fails” clinics that cost a fortune but are the go-to places for Manhattan’s elite who are seeking state-of-the-art ways to fix everything from sagging skin and aches and pains to cellulite and extra weight.  The clinics always seemed to be on Park Avenue or Madison, and were only financially accessible to the ‘uber’ Manhattanites.  I always vowed that someday, I, too, would have my teeth laser-whitened by a dentist who also simultaneously administers Botox injections and Lipo.

Flash forward to my current quest for weight loss success (oh magic pill, where art thou?).  I’ve been told about two or three “specialists” in Manhattan who have helped friends overcome thyroid and other surprising digestive dysfunctions that led to their dramatic weight loss, but I’m just not psyched about — nor do I have the time — to have to trek into the city for regular appointments.  Then I learned about the Darien Center For Integrative Medicine: offering non-surgical, holistic solutions by a neurological chiropractioner, renowned for his “when all else has failed” treatments — right here in Darien.

I’ll be attending this event Weds night, and I invite you to as well:

Lose Weight, and Reduce Toxins through Nutritional Cleansing

Weds, February 4th, at 7pm at the DCIM Office, right across from Robeks Juice on the Post Road.

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Have you ever had a hard time losing weight? Do ever find you can’t lose those last few difficult pounds? Do you feel tired, crave sweets, do you feel depressed?

Sometimes we cannot avoid all the harmful avoid all the harmful chemicals our body is exposed to daily. We absorb from water, food, air and cosmetics many of the over 82,000 chemicals identified, as being in them. The liver, the main organ that filters toxins from the body, cannot cleanse all these products and impurities out of the body.

Highly reactive chemicals called free radicals thus enter the blood stream and destroy cellular activity. The body surrounds free radicals with fat and water to help handle the problems related to the pollution in our bodies. This is why cleansing and detoxification make sense.

Dr Z will discuss a proven way to cleanse the body and at the same time removing toxins and impurities, which will allow you to get rid of fat and excess weight. He will discuss a 9 day liver cleanse which includes herbs, vitamins, minerals, and lots of water. This nutritional cleansing is a way to remove the harmful impurities from the body while promoting sustained weight loss.

As a part of the 2009 Health and Wellness Lecture Series, this lecture will take place in our Darien Center for Integrative Medicine office, at 870 Post Rd., Darien, CT.


  1. Courtney Grabarek

    I wish I had seen this earlier I would have loved to attend. I look forward to reading about your experience as I am continuously looking for ways to feel better!

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