Take A Sunday Drive in Darien

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A resident of Noroton Heights, I’m inclined to associate with the water side of Darien when I think about my surroundings … but I’ll tell you something, as much as Darien has sweeping soundscapes and a variety of cute capes and enormous castle-like estates along the waterfront, while driving to New Canaan the other day through the back roads of the Ox Ridge area, my breath was equally taken away by the rolling hills and horse farms and back-country beauty of this town.  It reminded me how much I love horses and I made a mental note to try to dig deeper into the lives of “horse people” in Darien (wink, you know I mean that with love).

And then, there’s the unique Tokeneke area.  Yes, much of Tokeneke is on the water and is known for being so, but driving along the more inland winding, hilly, rocky and rambling roads of this neighborhood is really amazing: around one curve you’re in a thick, wooded lot, and around the next you see an open field leading to a pond.

So next time you find yourself with a few minutes to spare (I know, I know) or looking for a way to kill some family QT on a Sunday afternoon, meander and explore the roads of Darien!  You owe it to yourself – even if you think you already know – to really gain an appreciation for how diverse and beautiful Darien is. (Check out the Neighborhoods section of the site to see streets by School district if you’re curious)

AND MAY I PLEASE BEG YOU to drive even more slowly than the speed limit requires as you sight-see along these roads: at any location there will be deer, horses, bikers and our darling children at play, and nothing is more important than their safety.

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