The AllAboutDarien Toolbar ~ Conveniently Keeping You In The Know

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Looking for an easy way to stay connected to all of the great new content on and not miss out on fun events, sales and specials, and important announcements?  Then the free AllAboutDarien Toolbar is a perfect solution!

Once you download and install this handy little tool, it parks permanently at the top of your web browser, directly beneath your address bar, and provides buttons that instantly link you to different parts of, no matter where you go on the web …

Instantly link to:

* Information Essentials on the site, including train schedules, school information and takeout menus, AND

* The AllAbout Buzzbook for quick access to buzzable businesses and services in the area, AND

* The Events Calendar for at-a-glance events in Darien and beyond, AND

* A New Content Alert that allows you to view the titles of recent posts and/or link directly to the ones you wish to read

* The Preppy Pride Gift Store for quick access fun, preppy DAR logo items …

and more!

Let me also say that I have made absolutely sure that there are no spyware downloads that sneak in with it, nor are there spams or pop-ups: this is a completely burden-free download.  The search box defaults to a Google search, and the software developers make their money on every Google search you do.  So that’s it: and everything else on the bar (as you can see above) is a direct connection to your favorite Insider Guide to all things Darien (and soon, Fairfield County!).


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