Pee Pee Etiquette in Public Places


In an effort to shake things up a bit, I will throw this potentially distasteful, tacky, controversial — and anonymous, so be honest! — poll into the mix.  I could be wrong, perhaps nobody cares … but here goes:

Just the other day I was at a playground without a bathroom, and a parent leaned over to me and said under their breath out of the side of their mouth, “my kid has to ‘go’, do you think can we just go in the woods?”

And honestly, I was momentarily horrified by the suggestion.  Then, memories of my own struggles with two year-old twins in Central Park as a nanny years ago clouded my brain (ugh, the panic about hiding where nobody could see us, with one child determined to break free from my grip while I tried to balance the other one as she crouched, praying there was no poison ivy, with her pee dripping right down the pant leg anyway ….) and I realized I wasn’t horrified by the parent’s suggestion, but rather by the thought of what the heck am * I * going to do when my guy is out of diapers???  I mean, as a parent now, I’m all about “whatever works,” but … in DARIEN?  In the WOODS?  REALLY?  But, then again, what else are you supposed to do?

So I’m curious: what’s your take?  Remember, this anonymous, so please be honest.  And forward this to your friends so I (and other readers facing this dilemma) can get as much direction as possible.  If for some reason there’s a huge white space below, scroll all the way down the page — it’s a technical glitch.

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  1. My son has peed in the woods at Baker Park, and I haven’t given it a second thought. I have a portable potty in the back of the car so if we have the car, we use that, but if we’re just there with the stroller, we head for the woods (not that this is a regular occurrence).

    The whole issue of “but … in DARIEN? In the WOODS? REALLY?” seems absurd to me. What, kids in Darien aren’t supposed to pee?

  2. So true, After Words — in the grand scheme of life, should what people think of me based on where I let my kid pee really matter? Alas, I have issues about rule-breaking, whether they be legal or social, and although my comments were meant to be tongue-in-cheek, I must confess that I am actually curious about public opinion on this one. Although, judging by the lack of participation in the poll, it’s indifference!

  3. I grew up in Darien and probably peed in the woods at every park in town when bathroom facilities weren’t availble. My kids have had to pee outdoors when no other facility was open/available. No biggie for us :)

  4. Top 5 public places to pee in Darien
    5. Cherry Lawn down by the Pond (after stepping over the geese poop on my way to the water)
    4. Weed Beach. I particularly enjoy peeing by the paddle courts.
    3. Woodland Park. Just watch out for the dogs.
    2. Baker Field. My favorite spot is the pitcher’s mound. Batter Up.
    1. Town Hall. Peeing into the river, particularly after RTM meetings.

  5. Buy a porta potty for crying out loud!

  6. DARIEN doesn’t have public facilities at all of it’s playgrounds!!!! This should be on the forefront of the debates for the new selectman!!!!

  7. Please do a post on Seat Hogging etiquette – judging by websites such as http://www.SeatHogs.com – this is a big deal.


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