Holiday Shopping Ideas For Teens

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Here’s another tip from my friend Liv, who is currently a sophomore at DHS, has lived in Darien since she was 2 years old, and has generously agreed to lend a teen perspective to  In this post, she provides great, local, budget-friendly places where teens can do their holiday shopping.

Hi guys, its Liv again back with more Teen Tips—this time, I’m focusing on local places to get cheap, cool gifts for the holidays. I found several great options to fit any teen’s budget or personality!

First off, we have Darien Produce, on Tokeneke Road. It may seem strange to shop for gifts at a grocery store, but this small shop found near Pizza, Pasta & Brew in town is actually pretty unique. It’s a great place to get off-the-beaten-track candies and treats for siblings or friends! My favorite?  The Kinder “Happy Hippos”—hippo-shaped wafers filled with chocolate cream!

Secondly is Johnny’s. This is an old-school record and CD shop, also on Tokeneke Road, down the street from Darien Produce. They sell lots of cool posters and T-Shirts that make really cool gifts for friends, especially those that like music! They’re not too expensive either—small posters are only about $12 and T-Shirts are around $20.

Finally is Swoozie’s, in the Goodwive’s Shopping Center by Shaw’s. This has always been a good place to find gifts, and it’s no different this holiday season. Swoozie’s has lots of good options for anyone on your list! I like the jars of cookies with initials printed on them that are both personal, yummy, and look cute! Swoozie’s also has lots of unique, fun options you don’t see everywhere, like “Moo Moo Mixers” that mix your chocolate milk perfectly for you.

Happy holidays and have fun shopping!

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