Teen Tips: Driving Edition

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Here’s another tip from my friend Liv, who is currently a sophomore at DHS, has lived in Darien since she was 2 years old, and has generously agreed to lend a teen perspective to AllAboutDarien.com.  While I would imagine your teen memorized these steps long before they’ll need them (I know I did!), even Liv was surprised by some of the details she discovered thru her research: so hopefully you’ll find it useful too!

I’m almost sixteen, and I cannot wait to get my driver’s license!  I know tons of people who feel the same way—everyone is talking about it.  Since I was a little confused about the process of getting your permit and then (finally!) your license, I decided to do a little research.  While I was at it, I thought I would share that information with my fellow soon-to-be teen drivers!

The first step is getting your permit.  Once you turn sixteen years old (you can even go on your birthday), you go to the DMV.  The DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the closest one is in Norwalk on Main Avenue.  Before you go, check the walk-in testing hours at their website to make sure they’ll be able to take you! http://www.ct.gov/dmv/cwp/view.asp?a=805&q=450208

For your permit test, study the latest Connecticut Driver’s Manual (http://www.ct.gov/DMV/lib/DMV/20/29/ctdriver.pdf) and bring a form of identification, proof of your residency of Connecticut, and $18 for the permit fee.  Your legal guardian needs to come with you to sign a form of consent…but you can’t drive yet anyway, so this shouldn’t be a problem!  You will take a vision test and a 25-question knowledge test. If you pass both, you take a photo and receive your learner’s permit!

The next step is completing your driver education.  You’ll need to complete thirty hours of classroom training and two hours of parent training at any certified driving school, as well as forty hours of driving practice.  Top Driver offers a program to Darien High School kids that fulfills the requirements of the state—check it out!  https://www.topdriverconnect.com/onlineenrollment/OnlineEnrollment.aspx?EC=106&State=CT&Market=CT

It is also possible to get trained by your parent or other relative if he or she has held a license for at least four years and hasn’t had any suspensions in the past four years.  You are eligible to apply for your license 120 days after obtaining your learner’s permit.

At last, it is time to apply for your license!  You can take a road test at your driving school, if they are offered, or you can go to the DMV for your test (but call ahead to schedule!).  When you go, bring with you the following items:

  • Your photo permit
  • Completed Application for Driver’s License form which needs to be signed by your instructor
  • Driver Education Certificate verifying completion of your training
  • A vehicle that can be used for the road test, such as mom or dad’s car
  • The registration and proof of insurance for that vehicle
  • $40 to pay the License Exam fee

Once you pass the road test, you will be qualified for the Teen Final Exam.  This is another 25-question test that you need to take, and twenty of the questions must be answered correctly or you will fail (so…study!).  Once you pass that, you can finally obtain your driver’s license!!

It takes a lot of hard work and commitment, but it is definitely worth it in the end.  Good luck to all of those who will be taking the test(s) soon!

Comments for Liv can be directed through me, and I will post them here on your behalf.