Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC)

When I was growing up, I only ever heard the words "special education" used in reference to a group of students in school with such severe developmental disabilities that they required full-time assistance in a single, separate classroom. What I have since learned in my experience as a Darien parent is that the term actually refers to "specially-designed instruction" for students with any kind of disability: physical, mental, temporary, or permanent.

Marsh Mosquitos En Masse

They are EVERYWHERE: in our yards, in our houses, in our cars, on playgrounds, in parking lots - everywhere - and, apparently, until we get lots more rain, there's nothing we can do except spray and take cover.

Welcome to Darien, Chocolate Works!

Life in Darien got a whole lot sweeter this summer with the soft opening of Chocolate Works in Goodwives Plaza (right next to Wine Port). We first heard about this magic place from our kids, of course, who had been hearing from their friends about a hot new birthday party joint in town. We finally got a chance to investigate for ourselves over Labor Day.