A Video Guide to Darien Playgrounds


Updated Videos: 2015

My primary goal with these videos, in addition to being able to write off my iPhone as a business expense (ha), is to give those of you who are unfamiliar with the playgrounds an ability to assess whether it is going to be age and activity-appropriate for your little ones.

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Guide to Carnivals and School Fairs in Darien

A new-to-town friend emailed me after her kids had a great time at the Hindley Happening, and was wondering what other carnivals and/or school fairs were planned and/or when they happen in town.  I figured that was something that would be useful to have all in one location, so here’s my stab at it: if you know of additional annual town festivals or community carnivals that I have left off, please add them in the Comments section.

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