Events Calendar FAQs

Thanks for checking out our local events calendar! We appreciate your patience as we finalize some of the bells and whistles we’ve got planned. In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions that we thought might be helpful to share:

Q. Does this calendar cover all events in Darien?

A. We do our best to include as many Darien events as we can find based on publically-available information and/or user submissions, but cannot guarantee that we’ll have every last one listed. If you know of an event that we’ve missed, please email the information to us here. The only way to guarantee your event will be posted to the calendar is to submit it yourself — we promise, it’s quick and easy!

Q. Can anybody add an event here?

A. Yes, anybody may submit an event — a local sale or special, trunk show, tag sale, fundraiser or any other kind of event they’d like to share with the community. We reserve the right to approve or deny and/or edit any submission.

Q. Is it free to add an event?

A. Yes, it is currently free to add an event. Please note that all Darien and Rowayton events will appear in a brighter color in the Events List than events in surrounding areas to make it simple for Darien readers to identify events in our hometown.

Q. Is there any way to increase the visibility or positioning of my event?

A. Yes, we will be rolling out a paid Featured Event listing upgrade, which will add a pink highlighted border around the event listing and place it above all other events listed on that day. Featured Events will also be included at the bottom of the What-to-Know Weekly email the week prior to the Featured Event date. Stay tuned for more details.

Q. I just submitted my event, why isn’t it showing up on the calendar?

A. We need to review and approve your event submission prior to it being visible on the calendar, which we try to do as regularly as possible to ensure no more than 12 hours delay. You will receive an email confirmation when the event has been approved and made visible.

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