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Darien is special because it includes a full spectrum of neighborhoods, from beach hubs to horse farms and everything in-between.

Typically, Darien’s neighborhoods are identified by their nearest elementary school, so you would refer to your neighborhood as whichever school district you live in.  In areas where there is overlap, i.e. kids in houses on one side of Fitch Ave attend Tokeneke School whereas kids on the other side of the street attend Hindley, you go by the school most widely attended in your area. In the case of Fitch Ave, this would be Hindley.

In an effort to help you learn which school district you’re in (if you don’t know already) and become better acquainted with your immediate surroundings, we have compiled an overview for each school district that includes the streets within that district, a link to the school, and links to any beaches, playgrounds, parks and train stations that are also located there.

Hindley School District

Holmes School District

Ox Ridge School District

Royle School District

Tokeneke School District

Beaches, Parks & Playgrounds

Here’s a map of Darien’s beautiful outdoor public spaces, and here is a link to photos and information on each of them compiled by the Town of Darien.

If you’re a parent of young children, you might enjoy our Video Guide to Darien Playgrounds to get a sense for which ones are best-suited for the age/ developmental abilities of your little ones before going there.

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