Newcomers eKit: New Home Nuts & Bolts

New Home Nuts & Bolts

So here you are: surrounded by boxes in your new home and wondering what to do next. Never fear -we’ve assembled a list of basic resources and services you’ll likely need to physically get settled in.

 Keys Copied

  • Pete’s Lock & Key — make sure you call first, as Pete is frequently out of the shop helping people unlock their doors! Also note: Pete’s is around back of a shop called Bob’s Guns & Ammo.
  • Puritan Card & Variety (note: cash only)

Trash Pickup 

There is NO municipal trash pickup service in Darien.

Private trash removal companies serving Darien include:

  • Many people in town opt to bring their own trash to the dump, otherwise known as the Darien Recycling & Refuse Center.
  • Whether or not you decide to make that your primary means of trash disposal, it’s worth getting a permit to use for spring/garage cleaning, as the center also contains a Swap Shop for cast-offs ranging from furniture and yard tools to bicycles, children’s toys and TVs. Many a treasure can be found here, and it offers a convenient way to offload items that are too inconvenient to store and not worth selling, but might have value to someone else.
  • The Town does offer free collection of Christmas trees, hazardous waste and bags of autumn leaves according to a schedule that we publish online as soon as it is made available each year.


Check out our post 10 Eco-Friendly Facts For Greener Living in Darien for a few quick facts about Darien’s Single Stream recycling process and other resources around town to help you live “greener.”

Utilities: Oil & Gas

Utilities: Power

Utilities: Phone/Cable

Utilities: Water

Forms & Permits FYI

  • Police & Fire Alarm Registration Form 
    • Failure to register home security and/or fire alarm systems could result in a $100 fine
    • From Darien’s Code of Ordinances: Sec. 5-8. Fines and charges. Alarm owners shall be subject to the fine or charge shown below for each such act, which fine or charge shall be paid within 30 days. Alarm owners are subject to the false alarm fine for each false alarm from their alarm system. (a) False alarm, $100.00 fine. (b) Use of an automatic telephone dialing alarm system directly to the emergency communications center, $100.00 fine. (c) Failure of an alarm owner, to register, $100.00 fine. (d) Use of an exterior audible alarm system except as provided in section 5-5, $25.00 fine. (e) Failure to install or maintain an auxiliary power source as required in section 5-6, $25.00 fine. (f) Failure to make timely payment of fines or charges, $25.00 late fee and an 18 percent per annum interest charge. (Code 1972, § 20-10; Amd. of 9-24-2001) State law references: Penalty for ordinance violations, G.S. § 7-148(c)(10(A).
  • Building Code Inspections (re: Remodels & Rennovations)
    Contact Lisa Mason at the Building Department to request a building inspection. Call 656-7347 or e-mail Lisa at lmason@ci.darien.ct.us. Include the following information in your request: owner’s name and address, type of inspection, your name and phone number and the permit number.
  • Building Permits
    Building permits are needed to build a house, add a garage, deck or portico, enclose a porch, remodel a bathroom or kitchen, finish a basement or attic, put on a new roof, install a pool, erect a shed or large tent, demolish a structure, install a gas or wood burning stove or fireplace, change the size of windows or add a bay window and for interior alterations. Building permits can be obtained at the Building Department. See the Building Department for fees, applications and procedures or call 656-7347 for further information.
  • Additional Forms & Permits information

Paint, Decor & Hardware

Cleaning/ Odd Jobs

  • Nancy’s Cleaning Service – personally endorsed by Nicole Lyons of AllAboutDarien. Personable, reliable, insured, great cleaning for home or commercial needs.  203-500-3444: please tell her we sent you her way!
  • Darien High School Jobs Office (able-bodied Darien teens at the ready for help unpacking, organizing, clearing the yard, babysitting, shoveling snow, etc)
  • Junk removal (furniture, clothing and household items that don’t work in the new space) — see our Guide to Spring Cleaning & Tag Sales


SO … now that the nuts and bolts are off the to-do list, let’s have a look at the things you need to sign up for.

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