Interactive Advertising/Creative Options

Display and Cross-Platform Advertising

We offer 6-month and 12-month Run-Of-Platform advertising packages that include a variety of innovative ad formats to keep messaging fresh and your brand top-of-mind among our influential group of local residents.

Optimized for mobile and designed for turn-key execution, ANY business can leverage our unique ad formats for effective messaging that drives results.

 Need some help creating your ads? We’ve got an expert creative designer who can help!




300x250px Display Ad

Mosquito Squad

Submit up to 2 versions of your display ad PER QUARTER (i.e. one general ad, one ad to announce upcoming sales or events) for a combination of generalized and event-specific marketing that is continually changing and attention-grabbing.

What-to-Know Weekly Email


2 insertions of your ad or special announcement with creative (PER QUARTER) in our What-to-Know Weekly email that is also posted online. A perfect way to draw special attention to upcoming sales, promotions or other events.

 Social Media Mentions

Instagram Twitter FB pinterest

We consider our advertisers to be our partners, and will leverage our social reach to promote up to 4 special announcements for your business per annual contract. Specific executions TBD.

Basic 12-month Run-of-Platform price: $1500

Basic TRIAL 6-month Run-of-Platform price: $990

CTA_Accelerator AddOn

Want to take your ad investment with AllAboutDarien to the next level?

+$900 with 12 month Basic Run-Of-Platform buy

+$600 with 6 month Basic Run-Of-Platform buy


 Ready to bust your business OUT OF THE BOX? Let us take your messaging beyond the confines of the standard “Large Rectangle” with innovative and engaging creative variations that, combined with the contextual relevance of our content, are sure to win the long-term attention of your target customers.

As an add-on to the Basic Run-Of-Platform package, select up to 3 additional creative formats (for use at any time during campaign – see below)

The Cube

A great way to showcase multiple dimensions of your business, retail location, home for sale, menu items and more – all in a single, attention-grabbing glance


 The Editable Ad

Update the ad message ANY time from your cell phone


The Flipper

On mouseover, ad flips to show second image

The Circular

“Click to Enlarge” feature opens the image to full size for perusing without leaving AllAboutDarien.com


The Clipper

Color can be customized to match your brand; upon click, user is taken to mobile-friendly coupon page that can be printed or saved for later use

The Scratch Off

Let’s create a cross-platform contest or competition, or simply entice our audience to interact with your offer via this unique and effective ad format