Welcome to Darien, Chocolate Works!

Life in Darien got a whole lot sweeter this summer with the soft opening of Chocolate Works in Goodwives Plaza (right next to Wine Port). We first heard about this magic place from our kids, of course, who had been hearing from their friends about a hot new birthday party joint in town. We finally got a chance to investigate for ourselves over Labor Day.

JAM (Junior Arts & Music) in Darien: All the Enrichment and None of the Mess


I recently brought my preschooler to Open Studio at the incredibly casual, cool and inspired downtown Darien location of JAM, and we both LOVED it.  In addition to offering a flexible, pay-per-visit, ‘open’ option for indoor fun, the people who work there are easy-going lovers of both art and children, and the environment – a big loft-like space with paint-splattered floors, musical instruments hanging from the walls and expansive supplies for creating anything under the sun – offers artistic inspiration to visitors of all ages.

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Like Kids in a Candy Shop

…. and we actually WERE — kids and parents — at a birthday party in a candy shop!  Chunky Pam’s is a sweet little candy store in the shopping plaza across from the Darien Playhouse, and was a perfect location for a birthday party for 12 preschoolers.  I might have even enjoyed it MORE than my 3 year old, but we definitely all had a blast …!  P.S. the word on the street is that the name, Chunky Pam’s, was inspired by the owner’s chunky bulldog Pam.  Can anyone confirm or deny?

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