Fundraising 2.0

 You know, with school getting back into swing comes a seemingly endless need for fundraising: for parent groups, student groups, team uniforms and travel, school pride, not-for-profit initiatives and philanthropies, and more … So I thought it might be helpful to those of you involved with fundraising (and for those of you who want to support them!) to know about a Darien-based business who has taken the concept of fundraising to the next level: the online level!

Places to Pow-Wow

The other day, when asked by one of my clients who doesn’t have an office in town where would I (who also doesn’t ‘have an office’) like to meet to discuss a few items of business, I panicked. I mean, in Manhattan that would have been a no-brainer: there were any number of coffeehouses and/or cafes where you could meet for a cup of coffee, perhaps even connect to the internet, and talk turkey. But here I am in Darien, now as a grown-up with my own business and no office … what are my options? What about places to meet locally for book clubs, committee planning, or just coffee and a muffin with the girls?