Candles for Hope 2014


Those of you who have lived here at least a year have probably already experienced how magical that December evening is in Darien when everybody sets little paper bags with candles inside them outside the front of their home … but it occurred to me when the order form appeared in my mailbox recently that those of you who are new to town (or visiting from another) may not be aware of their significance.

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Best Streets or Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating

I remember the first year I lived in Darien after moving out of the city I was SO excited for Halloween, because even though I didn’t have any kids of my own yet I knew I lived in a neighborhood that is packed with little ones and I would get to see them in their costumes and give out lots of candy.  I practically bought out Costco’s candy supply,  and was parked eagerly at my door by 4pm that afternoon with a lame kitty ears headband on (but who cares, it’s about the kids anyway!)  That year, I would say I had MAYBE 15 trick or treaters, and I was devastated!  So, where did all the other kids go?  Which brings me to this post, which is actually a request for your feedback/ suggestions as we approach another Halloween.

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Neighborhoods, in Summary

I am often asked by friends who are new to the area or visiting what the difference is between Darien, Noroton, Noroton Heights and Tokeneke. And, even though I grew up here, I still have trouble answering that question.

That is honestly what inspired the Neighborhoods portion of this blog: I’m hoping that if we try to paint a picture of what each neighborhood is like to live in, from the perspectives of the people who actually live there, the differences between the areas will be even more clear.